Why You Need to Update Content – Or Risk Losing Your Traffic Has

Why You Need to Update Content – Or Risk Losing Your Traffic Has

Content refresh (or update the content or upgrade content) has become increasingly popular among marketers content.

HubSpot released statistics Digital Marketing Company Bath stating that updating the old blog posts increase in traffic to the old posts by 106%.

Neil Patel o said that he has three full-time employees that updates nearly 90 posts per month.

Here, in a single Grain, we are o updating our content. However, as someone who update some of the content, I realized that not all the posts appear exponentially better after the update. In fact, there are only a few posts remain flat after the update, but sometimes traffic even tanks.

So valuable content update? And if it is, what is the most efficient way to update the content?

I sorted through 42 updates the Single Grain team did during the last few years and the pattern is revealed in a post that did very well and those that perform poorly after the update.

In this post, I’ll go through what I did and what I found. You can use these statistics to share with your team and update the system refresh your content.

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My book Internet Marketing Content (and Updating) Consulting

How do I Gather Data

I choose to use only the data from Single Grain blog, because Ensuring that all blogs are updated based on the same guidelines and reduce the variables in the data.

Here are the updated guidelines Single Grain:

Rewriting the intro and conclusion

Remove / merge any portion weak

Research and write as much as you feel will add value to the pieces

Update statistics / facts / quotes and make sure all the links to the source of no more than ~ 2 years

Replacing outdated or irrelevant images

Replacing examples / case studies with a new one, which is currently

I o predict that the domain authority website can affect the performance of the post-update, so using data from only one website, we eliminate the additional variables.

Once I had a list of blog posts that have been updated, I sorted the data to find answers to questions such as:

How long does it take to see results?

Will changing too much copy harm your rankings?

What kind of writing tends to do best?

And much more…

Updating Blog Traffic Increased by 96%

In the end, updating old content increase our traffic is almost 96%. In other words, almost double the traffic of the old posts.

Of the 42 posts that are updated within six months:

25 posts generated more traffic

17 posts generated less traffic

Total traffic generated 42 this post:

a day before the latest version released is 9207 joint visit

Exactly six months after the update was 18,030 visits combined

Therefore, we obtained  monthly visits of 42 posts, nearly doubled our traffic, simply by updating the content.

Decision? updating content does not work.

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Do not Worry About Your post damage and Losing Traffic

Earlier, I mentioned that some of the post I updated actually performed worse after updated. However, the  Monthly visits we get from this article o includes the loss of the traffic of multiple posts.


Traffic decreased by 21.5% for the update failed

Traffic increased by 135.8% to a successful blog post update

In other words, while we lose 504 monthly visitors of failed updates, the update successfully won Additional visitors.

If you are still concerned about Digital Marketing Companies Bath damaging your post to update them, follow the guidelines Single Grain update mentioned above, because this is the results they produced for us.