The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Audit

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing audit is a business document (usually Presentations) that outlines all the marketing activities the organization undertakes efforts on digital marketing channels. It is mostly Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth the details of execution and results rather than explain the strategy or plan. Digital marketing audit provides key information to help determine or evaluate digital marketing strategy. It can identify opportunities such as new channels or revealing insight into competitor activity and performance.

“Digital marketing audit helps clarify and empower decision making for your digital business”

– August Ash, Minnesota digital agency

Why you would conduct an audit of digital marketing?

Without digital marketing audit, you are basically in the dark. It is hard to set achievable and realistic KPIs without having a good understanding of your performance metrics on each digital channel. It is relevant across owned, paid and received the activity. Once you establish performance metrics, you can benchmark them historically and competitive to identify trends. Knowing this information will allow you to take the approach of data leads to what you do next.

Digital marketing audit is usually a pre-cursor to “get things done”. Do you want to build a new website, new marketing channel enabling or optimizing what you publish – digital audit can outline business case supported with data insights.

“In the absence of an audit, businesses do not usually ask themselves the questions pointed to the importance to enhance the efforts and strategies and ensure their dollars more invested in the right direction.”

For digital agencies, digital marketing purpose of the audit is to accomplish three things with your clients:

Comprehensive answer the big question: “? How it comes with our digital marketing “

Finding optimization opportunities in the data and rank them based on potential and effort

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Set in place and agreed on a road map for improving the performance modular work

For clients, there are a number of potential triggers for auditing digital marketing. This is some of the most popular:

Time: start year or quarter, the new budget, pre / post-campaign

Structural: new management, new people, a restructuring team / division

Performance: changes in key performance targets

Strategy: changes in strategic direction

Relationship: appraisal institution, started working with the new agency

How do you conduct an audit of digital marketing?

The mindset of the best to conduct an audit of digital marketing is that detective. Throw a wide net in the beginning, carefully following the trail and do not leave any stone unturned. must audit and comprehensive investigation. As part of the audit, you will continue to collect data, evidence and examples that represent the digital footprint of the organization.

Audit should cover every digital channel marketing organizations have a presence in all the performance of the content, all the performance of paid, owned assets, the performance of competitors, trends specialty channels and areas for optimization. When conducting an audit of your digital marketing will need to consider the following:

Time: You have a lot of it. The audit process will take much time to finish well. Most agencies provide two-week turnaround time. If you decide to divide the work among several people (eg channels) is important that you all agree on the process you will follow and harmonize terminology and emphasis. The best for all work in a collaborative document such as Google Slides, or Google Docs so you can all see each audit Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth work such as building a progressive.

Scope: You must agree with your client how far back in time the audit will cover. A common marketing audit scope is 12 months.