Technology and the Digital World: Then Vs. Now

Technology and the Digital World: Then Vs. Now

As an SEO agency in , we take a great interest in technology and the ways that have evolved. There is no debate that Digital Marketing Agencies in Bournemouth the technology has changed massively over the years, but it could be good fun to take a step back and reflect on how far the digital world has come. Discover some of the differences between the technology of the past and the present.


Digital early computers like  and Z3 are humongous, take up space and are often on the walls! These days, computers are everywhere. We have computers at our desks, in our pockets and in our cars. On top of this, many of today’s computers a million times faster than in the past! time your computer is running slowly next, think of the good old days before you complain!


Mobile phone

Although the first mobile phone call was made in 1973, the first commercially available mobile phone was the Motorola  8000x, released a decade later. The phone was big, in size and price, standing at 13 inches tall and cost just under $ 4,000. You may complain about the battery of your smartphone, but imagine charging for 10 hours just to talk for 30 minutes before thinning again!

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Video game

Classic video games like Pong, Space Invaders, and Pac Man video game is very different from what we see today. First and foremost, they play in the arcade machine and not in the comfort of home. There was no kick back after work and quick play FIFA before dinner. Maybe if this is the case then some of us are really going to go to bed on time!

Through As a digital  and SEO agency, it is only fitting to see how technology has affected our own area of ​​expertise. The term, ‘Digital ‘ was first used in the 1990s and described the use of Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth and platforms to promote products and services. Although this is still able to determine the current digital , platform and channel have grown tremendously, creating the need for  and our SEO, PPC and web development services in !