Parking cleaning

Parking cleaning

Car parks are very busy spaces with constant comings and goings throughout the day. Like all areas with a very high traffic rate, they accumulate a lot of dirt: debris, oil leaks, tire marks, waste, and sometimes dangerous objects like nails or glass. To keep your parking lot safe and clean, specialist companies offer a full parking lot cleaning service, including electric sweeping, pressure washing, garbage removal, and more. The goal is to make this space more welcoming to tenants, employees, and guests, and they will work directly with you to create a parking lot cleaning schedule based on your need.

Why is it essential to clean the parking lot?

The car park acts as the first reception area when your customers or visitors decide to go to your business premises. To preserve your brand image and not to spoil your professionalism. You will benefit from entrusting the cleaning of your car parks to a professional cleaning company.

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Fighting harmful odors in car parks

Whether it is an underground car park, an overhead car park, or a surface car park, odors of oils and hydrocarbons end up accumulating.

The air is sometimes so saturated with strong odors. That it is practically impossible to breathe without having nausea or headaches. This can be very unpleasant, especially for pregnant women, children, or even users whose sense of smell is sensitive. For more peace of mind, bringing in a car park cleaning professional is an undeniable asset for cleaning up the premises.

Prevent unhealthy conditions with car park cleaning

Because they can receive thousands of visitors per day, car parks are subject to damage, whether voluntary or not.

Starting with the tire gum marks, which over time can be unsightly. The same goes for the throwing of waste (plastic bags, cigarette ends, soda bottles, greasy paper, etc.). Finally, there is graffiti.

Our car park cleaning service

A tailor-made service for all your needs

Entrusting the washing of your car park to a specialized company will allow you to benefit from tailor-made solutions. With its experience and know-how, it will provide you with services in terms of:

• Dusting of floors;

• Clearance of bulky items;

• High-pressure cleaning;

• Wall cleaning;

• Garbage removal;

• Degreasing of surfaces;

• Scouring of water evacuation routes;

Each intervention is carried out by experienced maintenance agents and perfectly equipped teams. Which allows you to benefit from highly satisfactory services.

Professional equipment for greater efficiency

With the latest generation professional and industrial cleaning equipment, nothing will hamper the cleanliness of your car park. Scrubbers, single brush machines, foam guns, degreasers, sweepers, and other vacuum cleaners will be called upon for interventions as fast as they are neat for an impeccable result.

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