Love them or hate them, popup exit-intent is favorite lead generation strategy

Love them or hate them, popup exit-intent is favorite lead generation strategy

They are not without controversy though. We’re talking about one of the most divisive topics in the industry: the clash between conversion optimization and the impact on the user experience.

On the side of the popup out, there Digital Marketing Company Newcastle are many case studies promises great conversion rate increases. However, another camp will tell you these studies exaggerate the positive impact they have and ignore the implications they come up with.

As with most things in this business, there is no right answer. So, today we will address these issues to help understand what it means for your marketing efforts. We will look at the following points in this article:

Applying popup exit-intent

How do they affect conversion rates

Why you should not rely on them too much

Popup performance drop out

Some alternatives that you can use, in place of or along with them

At the end of this article, you will have a much better understanding of the pros and cons of-intent exit popups as a conversion tool.

Implementation is very important

Let’s be realistic: slap a bunch of popups on your site and hoping for the best does not count as a conversion strategy. There is a little more than that. Above all, it depends on your offer present and whether it justifies the user stops on their way out of your site.

exit popups used in hit users with a bid without a marketer or business owner can ignore.

Let’s imagine that users find anything interesting on your site and decide to leave. If you expect them to suddenly sign up for your newsletter because you are making it unnecessarily difficult for them to leave, prepare to be disappointed.

Now, let’s imagine a different user. This one clicked through to a blog post from you through social media, which means that they have shown a particular interest in the topic. And, after they read is done, there is a good chance their next action would be to leave – unless you provide them with a reason to survive. In this case, the targeted exit popup that offer free downloads or promotions related to your article makes sense.

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This is the kind of strategy you need to come up with.

examples of exit strategies-purpose

Here are some examples of other strategies to give you some ideas:

On the product page: Stop the exit after seeing a product sweetened the deal somehow (eg coupon code).

Basket abandoned: Reduce cart abandonment with one minute last bid or ask people to keep their shopping list.

Landing page: If your landing page message did not quite work, popup out giving one last chance to make an offer.

Running discount: People may be more willing to hand over their email address to a special offer that lasts a week, rather than forcing them to buy now.

alerts rates / availability: When the price or availability changes frequently (flight, nature, job position, etc.), offer alerts are a great way to get people engaged with your brand.

Each strategy out these popups have two things in common. First, they are targeting the users interest has been shown by landing on your page. And then they transform this interest into the relevant bid which might prevent this person to leave if something else does not keep them on your site. The challenge is coming up with a unique Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle offer of everything in your yard and more convincing – because they offer clearly has not worked once the user decides to leave.

How about conversion rates?

We have all seen blog posts boasting a 300% increase of the conversion using the popup out, but how honest are these?