Google Data Studio Google Ads versus Facebook Ads Dashboard Template

Google Data Studio Google Ads versus Facebook Ads Dashboard Template

Our Google Ads versus Facebook Ads Dashboard Template for Google Data Studio assists you with getting a straightforward one page outline how Google Ads and Facebook Ads perform. Information from Google Analytics is mixed with the expenses from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. digital marketing company in brighton dashboard gives experiences on a channel and mission level. You can make extra measurements and measurements accessible by modifying the dashboard once you duplicate it.

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Kindly observe that this dashboard requires Google Analytics to work. It associates the channels recorded beneath and interfaces the Google Analytics detailed changes with the Facebook Ads and Google Ads spending, snaps and impressions information. digital marketing company edinburgh should have your Facebook Ads appropriately labeled for everything to fall into place. More data on the most proficient method to label Facebook Ads for Google Analytics.

This Google Ads versus Facebook Ads dashboard coordinates with the accompanying information sources

Google Analytics

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

To begin utilizing it

Open the Google Ads versus smo services Ads format and adhere to the directions on the Documentation page

If it’s not too much trouble, try to check every one of the channels so you get the information pictured effectively.

More expense sources are accessible for straightforward mix during the arrangement.