From Mechanical to Meaning: How to Optimize B2B Case Study

From Mechanical to Meaning: How to Optimize B2B Case Study

I mean, something besides interest or light boredom.

I asked because, in theory at least, the B2B case study must be an exciting story. There are millions of dollars at stake, community livelihoods and professional reputation depends on Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth balance. Each is the story of three action arc overcoming difficulties and solving problems.

It sounds like reading stunning, right?

Or at least, they must be a useful story. They must help someone with a similar problem can find a solution. Yes, even the above solution and outside “buy our products.”

Here are some ways B2B marketers can make their case studies more humane, more attractive, and ultimately more effective.

How to Optimize B2B Case Study

Indeed, there is a case study for business purposes. They are intended to persuade people to choose your solution. But that does not mean they must be purely-minded sales and driven by features, rather than customer mind and driven by stories. We must treat case studies with the same treatment that we provide to all of our content.

1: bring a wider context

The traditional structure of case studies is a problem solution problem. The “problem” section generally refers to the specific problems that your customers have. But you can make your case study more relevant to similar companies by bringing problems throughout the industry too.

Take this case study for our clients, for example. In this study, we want to show the process we passed with customers – why we chose to make the content we did. Content is intended to overcome problems that arise in the financial profession. So it makes sense to start research with the overview of the problem.

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Seeing broader industrial images can help take executive attention in the financial industry, but also those who see similar problems in their particular vertical. In other words, it makes the whole study more relevant to potential customers.

2: Add value outside your solution

Toprank Marketing is a marketing agent. Our process, strategy, and tactics are some of our most valuable assets. So, it will be easy for our case studies to say, “The client hires us and we run the campaign that gets this result.” We can easily uncover details about how we get from point A to point B.

If we do that, however, our case studies will be a little more than commercial. It’s hard to convince someone that they have to read the commercial 500 words. Instead, we want to give a practical example reader about how we get the results we do.

Can someone read our unknown technology case studies from SAP clients and run a similar campaign for themselves? Maybe. We have a list of step-by-step tactics that we use. But we are sure that we can do work better than what our clients can do for themselves, so we are not ashamed to share our tactics.

When the prospect has finished reading an unknown technology case study, they will have a strong idea of ​​what is needed to make and implement podcasts, besides seeing that TopRank marketing is good at creating a successful podcast. Extra values ​​add credibility and readability to case studies.

3: Bring the customer’s voice

We often write about business or brand as if they are people: “Coca-Cola decided to …” or “Siemens made a difficult decision to …” but in fact, it was the actual people who made it This decision. And these people must appear in your case study.

LinkedIn * Good marketing solutions concentrate customer voice in their case studies. Take this one from Sales force, for example. Director of   Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth Marissa , quoted throughout. He talks about why they choose LinkedIn as a platform, how they develop best practices for content – and, yes, how happy they are with the results.