Teeth cleaning, tartar removal and polishing cosmetic dentistry in Lahore

Teeth cleaning, tartar removal and polishing cosmetic dentistry in Lahore

Teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing cosmetic dentistry in Lahore is the primary way to combat dental problems. But, each procedure is different and has its own function.

Teeth cleaning

We clean our teeth every day with traditional tooth brushing. This daily routine removes. The sticky plaque caused by bacteria in our mouth that builds up on the surfaces of our teeth.

Scraping the teeth

When you visit our dentist, the dentist not only cleans your teeth. But also performs a dental scraping. Tartar removal or prevention means removing hardened plaque (tartar) from the teeth. cosmetic dentistry in Lahore scrubbing is part of professional teeth cleaning. A sharp instrument to remove tartar that is not removed during normal teeth cleaning,

Tooth polishing

Tooth polishing to remove stains and smooth the surfaces of teeth. After polishing, plaque and dirt are less. likely to accumulate on the teeth and cause tooth decay or gum disease. Polishing is both a preventive and cosmetic dental procedure.

Procedure for tooth scraping and tooth polishing treatment

When you visit us for tooth scraping and polishing. Your dentist will clean your teeth from the tooth surface and gums. The areas that on are below the gum line, behind the teeth and in the spaces between the teeth. These areas often go unnoticed when we brush our teeth. Scraping and polishing your teeth helps prevent gum disease.

Teeth can, scaled and polished in two ways:

1. traditional tooth scraper and polishing brush: a tooth scraper is a sharp instrument. Used to remove hard tartar deposits; a polishing brush polishes the teeth.

2. airflow dental cleaning: uses water jets, powder and air to clean, calcify and polish teeth.

Our dentists in Thailand

Our team of dentists in Thailand have the privilege of performing dental. Work defined only by their specialty based on their qualifications and experience. BIDC has a referral system for dental specialists. This means that every aspect of your dental care to different. Dental specialists to ensure proper treatment and diagnoses.

When you seek treatment at BIDC, we focus on maximizing successful treatment. Outcomes and ensuring patient safety. We verify each dentist’s training and dental license from the primary source. This ensures you that your dentists in Thailand have valid and genuine certifications.

As a one-stop dental center with a large team of dentists and dental specialists. We can help you choose the right Thailand. Dentist for you and tell you who the leading dental Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore. Specialists in Thailand are for your condition and dental needs.