Buy shoes based on comfort, not style

Buy shoes based on comfort, not style

I’ve explained this in a few posts, but I’ll keep saying it: when you buy a shoe, you should prioritize comfort over the style of the shoe. To me, this is crucial because you actually wear the shoes. The fashion part is more for the viewer and not for the person wearing the shoe. I sometimes find myself buying shoes that just look cool, but they can’t be outrageously expensive either. First and foremost, comfort is what matters to me when buying shoes.

I need to feel comfortable in the shoes because I want to walk in them all day and not go home to change shoes because my feet hurt from making a bad choice. That’s why it’s important to take your time in the store when trying on a pair of shoes. I’ve had people just come in, ask for their size, and say they can go right ahead because they thought they liked the shoe and it would be comfortable when they put it on. Some shoes are built a little differently so you have to go a half size up to be comfortable. Some shoes run a little smaller and some shoes run a little larger. Wholesale Women Joggers UK

You should try on both shoes and walk around the store to feel how comfortable the shoes are. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the clerk probably won’t mind because you’re basically investing in the shoe because you don’t just want to wear it once, you want to wear it for months or even years. Also, try on more than one pair and let the clerk know what comfort level you are looking for so they can recommend the right shoe for you. Some people need more cushioning than others. For example, my dad has a bad back so he needs shoes with more insoles or padding so he can walk comfortably throughout the day.

A few years ago, my dad had invested in Sketchers shoes with memory foam, and they have helped him a lot in keeping his back pain to a minimum or eliminating it altogether. Buying the wrong shoes can also lead to other problems, not just back pain. Tight, pointy shoes are also bad because they compress the front of the foot. Most narrow pointed shoes are dress shoes, and you should buy the traditional round front shoes rather than the pointed narrow shoes. They can lead to bunions, corns and other deformities of the toes. You should not wear these shoes just to look good, because these problems will worsen over time if you keep wearing them. Some people have flat feet, and you should make sure that you buy shoes that are suitable for your feet.

I forgot to mention that in the store you can also ask the clerk to measure the length and width of your foot to give him or her a better idea of what shoes you should try on. Some shoes are even sold in wider sizes, so this can be a big help in finding the right shoe. Another suggestion an employee gave me a while back is to shop in the evening. He told me that feet swell toward the end of the day, which changes shoe size.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be a size 9 in the morning and a size 12 in the afternoon, that’s not the case, but you may just need a half size larger or the next size up. In addition to the last point I mentioned, some people have one foot larger than the other and I would suggest buying the size that fits the larger foot for obvious reasons.

If you buy the smaller size, your larger foot will be uncomfortable and hurt. It is very important that you look for comfort when you buy, because you will be wearing the shoes many times, so you need to be able to wear them all day without your feet hurting. There are also different types of shoes, and you can check out my other post on that. There are different types for different activities you want to do throughout the day. Women Hoodies & Sweatshirts

There are many reviews on websites about shoes that other people have found comfortable. And you should listen to their word, but always try the shoe on before making your final decision. I also don’t buy from online stores because I want to see the shoe in person and try it on. It’s also a big problem when the online site you visited doesn’t. Have a real store to go to if you want to return the shoes. I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy comfortable shoes, and I will keep stressing. It so people don’t hurt themselves with a bad pair of shoes.

A bad pair of shoes brings a lot of problems, and you can easily google all the problems. People get into because of a bad choice in the store. Don’t buy on impulse and make sure that when you choose your shoe, you really get your money’s worth. It is quite easy to avoid all these problems. You just need to be patient enough to find the right shoe and avoid long-term problems. Your pain and suffering are not worth these shoes that you wear just to match your outfit. I’m not saying this is a matter of life and death, but they are important because they support your body. And with the wrong pair you can get major back and foot problems.

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