With any investment, business owners want to know one thing – is it worth? Before you invest time and money Digital Marketing Companies Bath into a new project, tool or strategy, you want to know what you will get back from it. It’s no different for Google , Google’s advertising services pay-per-click (PPC). Read on as we see 8 facts and figures that will help you decide whether  is for you.

1. 95% of people search online for local businesses (local Bright)

With only 5% said they “never” search online for local businesses, it is clear that online is the place to generate new leads.

2. And Google has nearly three-quarters of the search market share (Net Market Share)

Google used far more than competitors such as Bing and Yahoo, which means it is the best choice if you want to reach more of your audience.

3. About 90% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising (Alphabet Investor Relations)

 is not just an extra added to Google services. It’s one of their biggest money maker. As a result, you get their priorities when it comes to support and repair.

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Image Credit: Google Image

4. 98% of customers choose a business from page one of their search results (BrightLocal)

That’s right – the search rankings are not just cosmetic. The majority of clicks come from being on the first page.  offers an easy way to get your business there.

5. 41% of clicks go to three paid ads

 found that more than two in every five clicks go to the ads displayed at the top of Google search results. This Digital Marketing Company Bath increases to 65% when the searcher is looking to buy a product. The first page is good, but it is clear the top of the first page is better.