5 Tips Instagram marketing for the travel industry

5 Tips Instagram marketing for the travel industry

Some of the more industry made specifically for Instagram or consumers snap-happy tech-savvy user base of the travel industry.

Think about this: before we venture abroad or to areas far away from the island just our own, we visualize the Digital Marketing Company Bath enjoyment of the place as it will offer. From white sand beaches to aquamarine waters, snow ski slopes blanketed with the bright lights of a modern metropolis, we see in our mind’s eye what was to come. An image that jives with our own perceptions, plant seeds or fresh, inspiring thoughts on the experience we will have and the memories we will make.

According to a recent survey by Expedia, two-thirds of 18 to 34 years admitted that ‘Instagrammability’ of the location – that said, suitability to be photographed and posted on social media – is the most important factor when booking a holiday.

How to improve your Instagram followers
How to improve your Instagram followers

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Which may be hard to believe, but for one billion monthly active users on the platform, Instagram, quite simply, a big part of their lives. It is used as a mood board, photo diaries, companion every day, and if you are operating in the tourism industry, you would be well advised to take note.

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In this blog post, I will share five tips Instagram marketing for the travel industry.

  1. Utilize social influence
    Influencers are great to get love and connect with people who treat the words of their favorite Instagrammers as gospel. Influencers, by their very nature, have a large fanbases and thus can help you get the word out and create a viral effect.

This is true whether you are promoting exclusive content, touting a special agreement or recommend a travel experience experience (mountaineering, parachuting, cultural tourism etc.). Commissioning of high-profile influencers to send on your behalf or share posts you have made, is a wonderful way to get exposure to your target audience.

Image Credit: Google Image

Skyscanner is an example of one company that, now and then, handed over their accounts to high-profile influencers. Here’s a look at the beginning of Instagram campaign recently they held with micro-influencer Robert Schrader; he took over Skyscanner account for a few days to show their followers some lesser known but very beautiful location in Thailand:

Skyscanner Instagram takeover

They also asked his followers to mark the posts of their holiday with a certain hashtag, is in with a chance are displayed in their feed. Incidentally, this is a great way to let your audience to do your work for you: because you can repost beautiful picture than your own dreams. These images-supplied travelers can also resonate better with the audience, because they are regarded as more authentic.

Of course, it’s not a bad idea to use social influencers who have some connection to the trip; Having said that, every influencers who can help you realize the vision and promote a high number of significant interaction worthy of consideration.

  1. Share consistently varied content
    Needless to say, travel companies should be concerned with a highly visual content posting on Instagram: perfect high-res image that gets your audience to pack their suitcases. Beautiful, inspiring images from professional photographers talented Digital Marketing Agencies Bath is what you need, as authentic yet simple shot can also do the trick.

However, it is important to remember that the content should also be diverse.