10 Super Ways to Enjoy a Smooth and Successful Home-Shifting Experience!

Do you also dislike packing stuff and organizing things ahead of the move? Then you must have had a close experience with such situations earlier. Is it so? Are you moving for another time now? Well, then you must be on the lookout for the best relocation associates that can guide you relentlessly! In that case, we would recommend you to book moving professionals from Agarwal Packers right away because you do need a solid team to assist you in all those strenuous packing, lifting, and moving tasks for sure and it is better if you hire them timely and communicate your moving needs for a seamless moving experience!

• Do not proceed with packing without a proper plan – You cannot get straightaway into your packing task if you have not thought about how, when, and where you would start the task from. You must plan the dates and the duration each of your spaces would need so you can begin working on things timely. We would recommend you to pack the non-essentials first and the expensive, delicate articles you have. That would be good.

• Look over your shifting requirements beforehand – Once you have dealt with some of your packing, you need to think and figure out what your moving needs are. For instance, the size of the moving truck you need to book, the storage requirements you have, etc. You should even clarify what all packing services you need for the move to the movers – for example – furniture handling, specialty items moving services, fine art moving assistance, etc.

• Separately pack belongings from different rooms – The packing task should be done in a way that there is no confusion and chaos. If you are packing some items, keep them in order and remember where they belong to. Keep the cartons in the same room only. The final packaging and inspection would be done by the professionals. But make sure not to mix the stuff from different rooms. That would raise your pose-move struggle.

• Know how to wrap expensive, delicate stuff – It is on you to decide who you want to handle your high-value belongings. If you are apprehensive and want to pack your fragile goods on your own, you can do that but you can also seek professional assistance from the team of Agarwal Packers and Movers. They are true experts and have the right tools and appropriate packing materials to ensure utmost protection to your belongings, so you can let them do the packing.

• Keep the pint-sized parts and tools carefully – This is for the case of all the electronic items that you have. No matter whether you are doing it or your moving team, you would need to reinstate all your electronic devices including your personal computer, television, set-top box, etc. so make sure you know the correct arrangement of the cables, cords, nuts, and bolts. So, make sure to keep them securely in a separate pouch.

• Do not forget to insulate stuff sufficiently – Since you have the assistance of moving specialists, they will ensure your packing is intact throughout the move. They would pack and secure everything aptly using quality packing materials and insulating products. But, do make sure you ask them to add appropriate protection to your specialty items or any other sensitive good that you think needs extra safety. Collect the needful packing materials beforehand – bubble wraps, moving blankets, etc.

• Have extra plastic pouches or trash bags– We often do not realize but small plastic bags or trash bags are a saviour in many situations. The best part is you can keep anything that seems risky like things that could spill or leak or other small items that can be lost during the moving upheaval like small nuts, screws, wires, keys, etc. Being see-through, you can easily figure out what is kept within.

• Keep all your paperwork securely in a folder – Amidst the packing and moving hassle, you must not miss out to prepare the essential documents that you will need for the move. This includes your identity papers, legal documents, house papers, employment papers, birth and marriage certificates, license, passport, vehicle, and house insurance, etc. Keep a copy of each of these on your drive so you can access them if there is some urgency along the way.

• Prepare foodstuff to be packed or dealt with – You must be aware that the moving professionals you will book – that is the packing team from Agarwal Movers and Packers would be dealing with everything in your household. They will pack all the possessions and goods that you have but movers do not usually pack and move food items for several reasons. So, make sure you think about that early on and decide accordingly. You will either need to cook and consume all that is there or donate them to the food banks or camps.

Note – Perishables and other packaged goods on the verge of expiry should not be packed. There are multiple other restrictions on carrying non-allowable items, so do inquire and discuss that with your moving team early on in your moving schedule.

• Keep moving inventory handy till the last day – You should always have your moving catalogue with you. Before the move, you will need it to keep a track of your packages and to ensure every carton is loaded appropriately into the moving truck and in the same way unloaded and inspected. After the move, you will need to look over your agenda to see if everything has arrived at your place intact and nothing is lost or broken during the transit. Having your inventory would help you to inquire and opt for damages that your goods might have endured during the transit.

All your pre-moving tasks might seem daunting but if you approach them cautiously and close them timely, there is nothing to worry about. If you are someone planning to shift from your present home to the new house in the next few weeks, make sure to check out the above-mentioned tips and enjoy a happy time.