10 Best Ways to Feel Good While Dealing With Your House-Moving Journey!

The whole journey of leaving your old home and moving into a new space is extremely exhausting! On one hand, you battle personal emotions of departing from your comforting place; on the other hand, there is an unusual, saddening vibe all over that seems to stress you! This anxiety most probably comes up because of the piles of pre-moving tasks you have to work out, that too, without any help! If this is what your current situation seems like, no worries because you can book Agarwal Packers’ moving personnel and they will help you out with the hectic packing and moving tasks!


Do you know it is extremely important to feel good during moves? If you remain tensed and sluggish, you won’t be able to sense the seriousness of the pre-moving preparations, and all that you need to deal with before the move would be left unattended. So, gear up, dust off your pants, and start planning for your move right now! You have the professionals already booked, and also have internet access. So, whatever little time you have in hand currently, utilize that to take care of a few things!

We bet you will have a great move!

• Decide moving day if you have not – In case, the final date of your move is not finalized and you are simply juggling over the same, decide your moving date at the earliest. Discuss with family members and come to a decision that works well both for your pocket and the moving company’s availability. If you are moving during the weekends, you might have to shed some extra bucks, but in case of a weekday move, you can grab a pretty decent deal.

• Prepare a smart moving budget – Have you budgeted for your upcoming move? Did you decide how much you shall be spending over the entire course and where can you curtail your expenses? If not, then prepare a fantastic budget that includes all the prominent costs of your move, additional fees, and other associated moving costs. Your budget should comprise every essential moving expense – insurance cost, labor cost, packing materials cost, etc.

• While booking professional movers – When a date has been decided, and a budget is planned, you should not delay but book a slot with moving professionals. Coming across a great deal is possible if you research enough and compare as many quotes as possible. Finalize a deal only when you are sure of its authenticity. Discuss the rates, read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign up for the deal.

• Curate inventory post a survey – Since you already booked moving professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers, you need not worry about the final inventory because that will be designed by the professionals on the final moving day. But, ahead of that, do opt for an in-house survey of belongings to get an exact cost for your move from the experts and not another estimate. They will also help you out with the guidelines of restricted items.

• Design inventory sensibly – This is one of the most valuable tips that reaps maximum benefits. Make sure when you curate a final moving inventory, you include the names of only those items that you will need in the new place. Do not carry anything unnecessary. Doing so will only raise your moving load and also shoot up your moving cost. So, it is better to get your final inventory done once the goods assessment is done.

• Evaluate moving requirements – If you are not aware of the type of goods you are moving and the packing support and equipment assistance you will need for the same, you can land up in a big mess! Why? Because your precious goods would then not be packed and moved accordingly. Though the experts would assess all goods carefully it is extremely important to look over and inform them of the packing assistance you are looking for!

• Do not forget to care for yourself – Often in the packed schedule and endless tasks, we forget to take care of ourselves and our family members. Everyone should take proper rest, whenever they get time amidst the packing routine. Have good sleep; do not overturn your meal timings. Remember, when you are preparing for a move, you have to be at the forefront and stay active throughout. So, watch your step.

• Have your overnight bag ready – This is something you have to concoct before leaving for the move. This bag would be there with you during the journey, so it is extremely important to fill it up with essentials and all basic articles that you would need – from your medicines to electronic items like iPad, laptops, power-bank, and chargers. Keep a few pairs of extra clothes, the basic toiletries, and some snacks you can much on during the move!

• Keep snapshots of your place – You are leaving your place and settling into your new home. No matter how happy you feel, you would end up getting nostalgic on several occasions. Then, why not remember your old place, as a token of happiness in your heart and mind? Wouldn’t it be good if you get to cherish it forever? So, click pictures of your favorite spaces, rooms, and corners from your home and keep it close!

• Ensure everything is settled – Moving from one place to another is an extensive journey and you have to take care of several things right from day 1 till the final day of your move. So, when nearly everything is planned ahead and you know what all you need to look out for – from the last-minute duties, to preparing the essentials, and notifying the utility service providers – you should see if the packages have been secured and labeled properly, and arranged within the moving truck securely.

Enjoying a great time moving to your new home is very much possible! Just follow the primary tasks mentioned above and book the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers on time to have a memorable home-shifting!